Russian orhtodox dating

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There is a thirteen-day difference between the two calendars, the Julian calendar being thirteen (13) days behind the Gregorian.

In some Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries Christmas is officially celebrated on January 7.

Meanwhile her fiance is learning Russian with a view of retiring in Ukraine one day.

Orthodox Easter commemorates Jesus' resurrection three days after his crucifixion and death.

The Russian Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem was founded in 1847 to serve as a representation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Jerusalemite Patriarchate and to oversee the facilities caring for the thousands of pilgrims then flocking to the Holy Land from Russia.

July, 13, 2015 by decision of the Holy Synod of Russian Orthodox Church archimandrite Alexander (Elisov) was appointed head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem.

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Orthodox New Year is celebrated as the first day of the new year as per the Julian calendar.

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