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Crazy sex ads on Craigslist isn't news or a secret, and the Casual Encounters ads are commonly regarded as a reliable source of entertainment and titillation for parties and long days at the cube farm alike.

Even more interesting -- for scientific purposes, of course -- is looking at how people are using the ads for sex and what they're up to. Using a very unscientific method of stat gathering, while relying on a tried-and-true knowledge of colloquial sex terminology and search-fu skills that cut like a knife, I set about data mining Craigslist Casual Encounters over a seven-day period -- and compiled an Excel spreadsheet that would make a Microsoft development team squirm, beg for mercy and then pass out.

Does the person on the receiving end even understand what this means? Discussing topics like HPV, fetishes, queefing, STIs and primal desires is my every day job. For me, discussing vaginismus is like pouring my morning coffee. While this used to be the case for me, I discovered that mine was more psychological and through the incredible help of doctors and my own personal practice, I was able to successfully have pain-free sex with my ex partner a handful of times.

In my single life journey, I was ready to experiment. I’m a Virgo, a very picky sign, so my choice in lips is very selective.

This is the season for fun, freedom, feminine energy and sexy new beginnings.

It’s the perfect time to make sure that your inner bombshell blooms when it comes to love, sex, dating, and relationships.

Sure, you can look for a life partner on Match.com, and if you're straight you're all set for e Harmony's (conspicuously hetero-only) dating-and-romance roulette, but those sites are the last place I'd think of to see who's up for a nasty anonymous hookup or to get rid of that ugly lamp my ex left behind.Most of the time, though, he was angry and disappointed because I was not attracted to him if he dressed in women's clothes.I also offered to divorce him, but he wanted to stay in the marriage, and our children adored him.I am a senior citizen now; my husband passed away a couple of years ago.He eventually stopped being angry because his health declined and he was not really able to have sex.

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I realized that dating is hard and dating with vaginismus is even harder.