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A 300-pound stingray was reeled in off a pier in Daytona Beach, Florida on Friday.The roughtail stingray was caught by a fisherman who was urged by others on the beach to set it free, causing a fight to break out.I hope that musicians around the world enjoy them as much as I do, said Slash.

In Florida, it's unlawful to harvest, possess, land, purchase, sell or exchange manta rays due to their being a protected animal in the state.Even though Crowe and Spencer are separated, they’re not legally divorced.The on-again-off-again couple, who met in 1989 during the filming of the romantic drama, , announced they had separated in October 2012, after nearly 10 years of marriage and two children.There was some verbal exchanges and some taunting, but there was no arrest made,' Berard explained to the News-Journal.HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER 2008 RELEASE OF THE SLASH LIMEITED EDITION, THIS IS THE HIGHER END SUNBURTS MODEL, ANTIQUE VINTAGE SUNBURTS, OTHERS CALL IT TOBBACCO SUNBURTS.

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Gibson has since purchased the Valley Arts line of guitars.

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