Dating for breast cancer survivors

Posted by / 02-Apr-2016 16:28

Dating for breast cancer survivors

Once upon a time, women who have survived cancer will tell you, the fact that you’d been through the horror of a diagnosis and surgery was not public information—not at work and certainly not on a first date.Flash forward to 2016 and, experts say, there’s a very different attitude.Like other life changing experiences, cancer can cause you to look at relationships differently and often presents new challenges.Exploring these issues on the discussion boards is a wonderful way to see how others have worked their way back into the "dating scene" and found happy, fulfilling relationships.

However, these concerns should not keep you from pursuing relationships.

Or, you may feel that not telling a date about your cancer may feel dishonest or insincere.

If so, you may prefer to tell a new partner before a relationship becomes serious.

Women often ask, ' How did you deal when you lost your hair?

' But men go deeper: ' How should I talk to my sister who has breast cancer?

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“I’m a breast cancer survivor…so my body is not so perfect,” wrote one woman on recently.